Real Success Stories from Our Patients

I had a boating accident in September that caused me to have TMJ. For mpnths I could'nt find out what was going on, much less how to fix it. Dr. Augustin figured out that TMJ was what my problem was, and he has enabled me to live and eat normally again. Thanks

Sarah Nielson 3/24/2016

This is my first experience with a Chiropractor on a regular basis. My family and I have all enjoyed our experince here. My husband has expressed relief from back pain, and I have enjoyed improvments in my back pain as well. Dr. A's staff is always professional and courteous. Dr. A. is very knowledgeable and concerned with his patients treatment.

Anonymous 1/26/2016

I was in a car accident and came to see Dr. A. due to whiplash. Everyone in the office was very professional and welcoming Dr. addressed issues and created a treatment plan including the adjustments, e-stim, and laser to ensure effectiveness of the treatment. I highly reccommend this wonderfully accomodating team.

Olivia Dedering

Instant relief after first visit. I could barely move my neck when I first came into the office. After my first adjustment I felt relief, and could movve my neck freely with little pain.

Justin Commetti 1/4/2016

The stress I carry in my neck and shoulders was impacting my mobility. I thought massage was all I needed. The decompression and adjustments helped ease stress and increase smoother mobility. I really love the e-stim therapy I recieved as well. It is a very soothing massage type experience.

Beth Kirkland

My experience at Bayside Chiropractic has been great. My back and flexibility has greatly improved. The doctor has also assisted with my overall flexibility of movements. The highligh of my experience is getting to sit in the massage chair.

Saleh Callwood 1/4/2016

Improved mobility and reduced levels of pain.


Thanks to everyone at bayside Chiropractic Rehab for the great results I've had since I started coming. My knee was popping everytime I took a step. My neck and back were hurting me as well. My knee rarely gives me problems unless i over expert, now feeling much better in my back and neck. Thanks for everything!!

Anonymous 8/24/2016

See what had happened was.... I was running, spriniting, more like it was in a responce to a call that something was wrong at my house. I was down the road and felt this need to run home. While running I felt a pain in my calf. I knew i had injured it some way. I came to Dr. A, I was in serious pain PAIN! I was supposed to leave for a trip to Alaska! I needed help! Dr. A was able to keep me on my feet so I could enjoy Alaska! Then I came back and he was aable to fix me up in time to run a 5K race that I wanted to run! Go Dr. A!!

Anonymous 8/18/2015